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Water and Sewer

GCE staff possesses extensive experience with feasibility studies, planning, design, and construction of water and sewer infrastructure projects. These include new and improvements to existing groundwater pumping and treatment plants, water distribution systems, pump stations, and storage tanks. GCE staff also experienced in the design of waste water treatment and conveyance systems including treatment plants, lift stations, gravity sewers, force mains, and sewer outfalls. In addition, GCE staff has been successful in securing regulatory approvals and expedite construction for many of water and sewer projects.

McHard Road Waterline Design
Walnut Street Waste Water Lift Station
Hunter-wood Water Plant
Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 55
Hunters Creek Subdivision, Section 1, Development of Water and Sanitary Sewer Master Plans
Dawson Ridge Master Drainage Plan, Master Sanitary Sewer Plan, and Master Water Plan Development
Fannin Street Reconstruction