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Cullen Road Sub-Regional Detention Pond

The City of Pearland contracted GC Engineering, Inc. to provide engineering services for the analysis and design of a sub-regional detention pond on Cullen Road near FM-518 in Pearland, Texas.

As part of a consultant team, GCE completed a drainage study for Clear Creek and Hickory Slough in order to update City’s Drainage Master Plan and to identify storm water detention infrastructure needs for the City’s anticipated future growth in the next twenty-five years. As a result, a sub-regional storm water detention plan was developed which included potential locations and sizing of ponds, service areas, and priority for implementation within each watershed. As part of the sub-regional detention system for Hickory Slough sub-watershed, a detention facility at the southwest quadrangle of Cullen Road and FM-518 (Broadway) intersection was identified as one of the high priority projects in the study.

GCE services included the following;

Determination of the best foot print for the approximately 200 ac-ft. detention pond in a 40-acre area in order to optimize conveyance, area/volume ratio, and land acquisition.

Development of alternatives for the sub-regional pond including evaluation, ranking, and selection of an alternative for design.

Design of the selected alternative, which included a pumped detention system that incorporated adjacent existing detention systems, connecting conveyance channels, and two outfall structures with a siphon crossing of a product pipeline and a pump house.

LID (Low Impact Design) techniques such as limiting property seizures from landowners so that typical detention area needs were not exceeded. Water quality enhancement measures, aesthetic improvements, bioengineering techniques, and minimization of pumping needs were adopted in the design.

Development of a pricing strategy and a comprehensive project phasing structure to facilitate funding on an “as-you-go” basis to accommodate City’s needs.