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Traffic Study for Jacintoport Boulevard

GCE conducted a Traffic Engineering Study and Operations Analysis for the proposed extension and widening of a 4-5-mile section of Jacintoport Boulevard from Penn City Road at Interstate 10 to the terminus of Jacinto Port Boulevard located in Southeast Harris County, Texas for Harris County.

As part of the study, GCE devised a data collection effort which included 24-hr directional machine counts (by vehicle classification), 6-hr traffic movement counts, and stakeholder/business owner interviews in order to analyze the existing traffic conditions and issues along Jacintoport Boulevard. A future traffic projection analysis was performed for the proposed corridor build condition for the year 2019 based on an anticipated growth rate (3%) in the vicinity of the intersection. Data analysis included estimating peak hours and daily truck/vehicle traffic turning into active major driveways, comparison of collected traffic counts, and estimated hourly and 24-hour directional volumes for Jacintoport Blvd. and cross roads including, East Belt, Appelt Road, Sheldon Road and Peninsula Boulevard. GCE analyzed critical design parameters to compare various alternatives using MOE’s including delays, LOS and estimated queue lengths at the public street intersections and at selected driveways. The work included preparing an intersection layout drawing for each analyzed location showing recommended lane assignments and turn lane storage bay lengths, site-specific truck turning movement exhibits for all major intersections, and condition diagrams showing details from site observations and data collection effort indicated in the previous tasks. Also obtained and analyzed accident records for the study area from TxDOT for the most recent thirty six (36) month period.

GCE recommended the final schematic with the combination of three, four and five lane configuration based on the traffic analysis of various alternatives studied. The selected alternative was expected to improve capacity, flow and safety along the study corridor and would also provide improved access and lanes to accommodate the projected heavy truck volumes and their parking maneuvers.

A comprehensive operations report with recommended improvements was prepared. GCE also designed a new signalized intersection at Beltway 8 frontage road intersection.

This project has resulted in significant cost savings to the County due to optimization of the roadway geometric improvements and also served as a strong tool to justify the need for the project in seeking federal funding.