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Out Fall Pipe and Slope Erosion Repair

GC Engineering, Inc. (GCE) performed engineering services including hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, development of construction plans, construction cost estimate and project coordination for the proposed repair work along HCFCD Unit No. P100-00-00 from P130-00-00 Downstream to North Lake Houston Parkway (approximately 11,600 linear feet). The construction plans depicted the replacement of failed outfall pipes and channel slope repairs at the locations where failure of slope/erosion were noted.

GCE performed H&H analysis and determined appropriate pipe sizes at 5 locations and performed repair designs using the HCFCD methodology outlined in “HCFCD Policy Criteria & Procedure Manual” for 10-year and 100-year storm frequencies. GCE incorporated the outfall structure configurations determined in the construction plans for the project.