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Channel Rehabilitation Projects

GC Engineering, Inc. (GCE) provided engineering services for the development of construction plans, cost estimate and project coordination for the rehabilitation work along HCFCD Unit No. P 130-06-00 from its confluence with P130-00-00 upstream to Will Clayton Road. The Construction plans depicted the replacement of failed outfalls, channel slope repairs, removal of sediment bars and erosion repairs. Work included regarding of approximately 700-foot long downstream portion of the channel (from Carpenter Road to P130-00-00 confluence) to incorporate a stable slope of 2.5H:1V, regarding the berm, and the provision of backslope interceptor structures. In addition, regarding of the confluence was proposed with a minimum disturbance to stable slopes with well-established vegetative cover.

GCE also prepared an Alternative Analysis Report for P130-06-00 channel rehabilitation from its confluence at P130-00-00 (Garners Bayou) to Carpenter Road. As part of this study, GCE performed a brief study to evaluate three alternative channel rehabilitation designs.