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Water-Lights District Development

GCE was retained by a private developer to provide professional engineering services in association with an approximately 100-acre, multi-use Water-Lights District development in Pearland, Texas. GCE provided professional services including transportation planning, traffic engineering, site engineering, preliminary drainage design, and permitting for the development. In addition, GCE was responsible for the feasibility studies and preliminary engineering services for the design of an overpass over SH-288 to provide direct access to the development.

GCE developed water and sanitary sewer master plans, and carried out an extensive drainage analysis and floodplain permitting including Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR).

GCE’s work also included development of a multipurpose trail system within the Water-Lights development and adjacent Presidential Park. As part of the preliminary design, GCE developed and evaluated three alternative alignments as well as three types of surface finishes for this 800-foot trail.