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Seven Oaks Development

GCE was retained by a private company to provide professional planning and engineering services for an approximately 2,200-acre mix-use development consisting of the following:

  • Approximately 5,000 residential units (single and multi-family),
  • 220 acres of commercial, neighborhood retail, daycare facilities, and a recreation center,
  • An elementary school and a middle school,
  • 600 acres of parks, open space, and pedestrian/bike trails.

Services by GCE included the following:

  • Development of the initial land plan including feasibility and traffic studies,
  • Drainage master plan including storm water detention facilities, floodplain mitigation, and FEMA Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR),
  • Utility master plans for water and sanitary sewer,
  • Design of 6 miles of a major thoroughfare to provide access to the development,
  • Design of trail system with grade separated crossings on Seven Oaks of Parkway at 6 locations.
  • Preliminary and final platting, and site engineering for the commercial and residential subdivisions within the development,
  • Design of 3 water plants, with a total capacity of 2 million gpd, consisting of groundwater wells, treatment, storage, and distributions systems.
  • Design of 2 waste water treatment plants including outfalls, six sanitary sewer lift stations, collection system, and associated permitting.